What exactly is Klonche

Every part of my work has a hidden story, from gathering the materials from the ground during a walk in the forest, the careful selection, shaping them into the desired position and building the finished product is only part of it. Rest of the story is writing by you.

Part from the mountain, from the see , the forest, the beach, hand made for you !

Multimedia collage

Artwork Frames

Mini forest put in a frame with 100 natural preserve moss and... 


One of a kind or artworks that is in their own category.... 

  • hand made scandinavian moss cones forest branches sea winter sea shells stones frozen river nature present preserved bio art deco rustic hand made


    Pine wooden plates with different sizes and variations.Crafted with Presrved moss , sea shells, pine cones, flowers and meny more materials collected by me from the nature for your bookshelf.

  • edison lighting bulb green preserve moss scandinavian live moss hand made craft forest nature bio flower plant biosphere led glass gift present decoration art deco artwork boutique unique

    light on

    Unique crafted products with glowing effect and scandinavian moss. Ideal for your dark corners in your home, or places that must be "light on" . Let the romantic mood in your heart.

  • Square wooden box Halloween live preserved moss hand made boutique online store atelier nature materials bioshpere green vegan eco forest industrial design art deco scandinavian artwork forest green minimal orange moss brown yellow spring autumn winter

    Wooden Boxes

    Just hang in on the wall or lean it against the bookshelf. W hatever you choose will look awesome and unique, combine several of them and make your wall a peace of art.

  • hand made massage in the bottle ship moss artwork frame  frames plate green moss scandinavian live preserved moss unique gift present birthday spring summer ship vessel minimal minimalist rustic sea ocean biosphere green eco crafted vegan


    Frames decorated by me with Presrved moss and different materials with 100% organic origin.Crafted with love for your wall or bookshell decoration.

  • live preserved moss clock watch wall decor decoration scandinavian style art deco hand made crafted online store boutique atelier minimal artwork home decoration unique category klonche  one of a kind


    In this category we moved every product that is one of a kind , or somehow special by itself. Check it out,may be there's have the product you search for.

  • working process klonche boutique, this is how its look when I am working on my next project with scandinavian preserve moss brunches  mini forest in frame art industrial design

    Working process

    This is how it's look during in creativity moments. This is one of my frames with name "Autumn Forest".

  • collecting materials in the forest sea field twigs sea ​​stuff  dried flowers grasses snails forest bio eco minimal art deco

    In search ...

    If you ask yourself how i'ts look the process of searching for the bio materials here is it how we collecting materials from the nature for my creativity.

  • Unique crafted products with glowing effect and scandinavian moss. Ideal for your dark corners in your home, or places that must be light on . Let the romantic mood in your heart.

    Something for me

    Hi there, my name is Tanya and I am the owner of the brand Klonche. I'm born in a small village in Bulgaria. This is my start with the connection with the nature .I worked in the financial sector ,but the job was not for me I like to be in the nature and to travel. Now I'm living my dream !