Frame from Preserved Green Scandinavian Moss Natural Live Plant Artwork Homemade

What exactly is preserved moss ?

Preserved moss is directly cut and collected from the ground in the forest where he grows. pink preserved moss nature live flowers online store artworks minimal minimalist art deco bio eco

Preserved is not exactly dried, the process is different. In dried condition the moss is very fragile, like any dried or herbalized flower or leave and the color is changed to brown one like burnt out .thistle thorn preserved moss scandinavian design artworks frame industrial art online store boutique hand made items

 In the preserved process the moss save his softness and the color. In the nature the real color of the moss is not green like most think , it's a white one and after the preserved process the moss is colored with eco friendly paints in different colors. It can be found in internet and under the name scandinavian moss, this is connected with the scandinavian interior design, because it appears there for the first time like decorations in the walls and art frames .

color preserved moss flowers nature materials hand crafted decorated perfect gift art deco artwork

Great characteristics of the moss put in a room is that he is antistatic, antiseptic,  antiallergic, soothes the eyes and it's a great noise isolator ,improves the acoustics in the room. Regulate the level of humidity in the room and when when the humidity is above 60%, the plant begins to absorb excess moisture, and when it drops below 40%, the moss begins to release moisture and moisten the room. Аs already we mentioned preserved is not dried, that's mean the moss is live and it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, like any other plant in the nature.

Ideal material for hand crafters, because it's very easy for working with it. When it's decorated and shaped in different shapes make a quality artwork that you can put it with pride on your wall or bookshelf. Highly durable with no necessary care , like watering. Ideal way to have a mini forest in a frame or plate in your home. 


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