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Japanese Rising Sun Forest Frame Scandinavian Moss

Japanese Rising Sun Forest Frame Scandinavian Moss

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Size : 30 cm x 40 cm ; 11,81 inch x 15,74 inches ; 

Picture Frame made from me with all natural materials. The Moss is Scandinavian variant dialed directly from the forest and dehydrated. The Frame no watering and lighting needed.

*Please note that every frame is hand made from all natural materials and it"s impossible one frame to be identical to another ,just exactly like in the nature;
*Every product I made is unique and I will do All of my best the overall design to be achieved and the frames I made to have the closer look like in the listing.
*The frame must be put to indoor space ,direct sunshine will damage entirely the frame;
*Keep in mind that the colors you see in the listing may be slightly different than the real ones, just depends from the screen options of your computer or phone.
*We Ship first class priority air mail with tracking number provided, but please be note that the delays on the borders is happening.


Preserved Moss , 100% nature materials

Shipping & Returns

free shiping online boutique for hand made products from live preserved moss. Industrial design minimalist art deco artworks from natural materials         Shipping:

Free worldwide shipping of all packages with first class air mail shipping via Post services with tracking number provided. Soon we will add and express service with DHL, Fed Ex or UPS in depends the country of origin. Standard shipping time is something like 10 days for EU and 2-3 weeks for USA, Canada and rest of the world. Keep in mind that during the holidays like Christmas , Easter , Halloween and etc. may have some delays because the massive income packages in the custom houses for processing. Origin of sending is Bulgaria (EU Union).

 *Please be note that all items are hand made and they are made to order. This mean that sometimes may take a little time for creating it (3-5 days).

 *Every customer is responsible for the tracing and collecting a information for his own package. Our response is the product to be made in the interval of the time (3-5 days) and to be shipped on time. After the package leave our border (Bulgaria) is response of the client. We will help with advices if it"s necesсary. 

 *If the package is received by the local Post Office and and remains unclaimed within 7-14 days (depends of the country) , it is returned to us. In this case if the client want the item to be resend back to him, he must pay the costs for the resending .

 *Import taxes and fees from other kind is response of the client, we declare the lowest possible price to avoid fees, but this is not always possible.

hand made online boutique for arts in art deco scandinavian design rustic minimal minimalism industrial design forest green live moss flower stones        Returning:

All products are made to order, this means that after the order was placed and we receive a clear payment the product is made for the client and send it to him. Generally we do not accept returning, but if there is a problem, feel free to contact with us.

 *If the package was damaged during the shipping we will send you another item for our cost or will return your money in depends of the case.

 *keep in mind that every product is with unique character, it"s impossible to be found in the nature materials that are exactly the same, so it can be slide difference between the artworks in the picture and the receiving one. W e can promise that we will take all of the best from us the artwork to be with minimal  differences from the original idea behind it. In this case we will not be tolerated for receiving returned product.

 *Keep in mind that the colors may be with small differences between that you see in your monitor of your Computer, Note pad ,Tablet or Phone from live, because the monitor settings and adjustments. In this case we will not be tolerated for receiving returned product.

Care Instructions

               forest preserve moss minimal minimalist art deco industrial design scandinavian wall decor gift wedding birthday Christmas

The artworks from preserved moss do not need special care. They are extremely easy to maintain. A few simple rules must be observed , they must not be exposed to direct sunlight ,they must not be watered or moistened and that"s all. Enjoy of the products like hanging on the wall or lean it back in the bookshelf in your home .

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